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Tarion Warranty Inspections in Ottawa, ON

Tarion Warranty Inspections in Ottawa

New Home Inspections - What's Included in a Tarion Home Warranty?

A new home doesn't necessarily mean that it's perfect. And while the Builder may supply their own Inspector to show you the features of the home, how appliances and how the furnace operates and so on, it doesn't mean that it has been thoroughly checked and inspected.

To protect your new home purchase in Ontario, your home includes a warranty provided by the Tarion Warranty Corporation.

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Inspect Your New Home before you Sign-off!

A to Z Home Inspections offers new home buyers 5 options for exercising your warranty coverage.

    • Framewalk and Pre-Delivery Inspection

    This is by far the most thorough inspection you can achieve. A to Z Ottawa Home Inspections perform 2 inspections for you starting with the Framewalk and conclude with the Pre-Delivery Inspection, typically the day you take possession of the home. Framewalk means exactly that.


    • Pre-Delivery Inspection

    Typically, this inspection is done on the same day the builder home inspector walks you through the home and upon you signing the release papers, they then give you the keys and the property and it’s officially yours. We offer you a thorough inspection and an opportunity to add imperfections and deficiencies to the "Pre-delivery Inspection Report" the Builder Home Inspector carries with them.


    • 30 Day Warranty Inspection

    If you missed your opportunity to use an independent inspector during the Frame walk and Pre-Delivery inspection, the 30-day inspection is for you. We inspect over 300 items including the paint finish on the walls, imperfections in flooring, cosmetic issues and more. We prepare a Home Inspection Report Summary at the end of the inspection.


    • 1st Year Warranty Inspection

    Sometimes potential problems with a new home only reveal themselves over time. Homes may shift, moisture may accumulate in the air, foundation, inside the roof, and that may lead to expensive repairs. A to Z can discover potential problems that the builder can repair at their cost.


    • 2nd Year Warranty Inspection

    A 2nd year Warranty inspection is for you if you have not had an inspection at all done by an independent Home Inspector. This is your last opportunity to have the builder rectify any problems with your home. We have found in many cases that there were deficiencies not found by the builder home inspector, and in one case, over 50 items (in a prestige home no less) were missed!